Workers’ Comp

Quality diagnostic services
can make a difference

When you are injured on the job, you likely will be able to recover any sort of compensation from your employer only through workers’ compensation law. Employees are covered under either federal workers’ compensation laws or state workers’ compensation laws. This means that you cannot file a regular lawsuit for damages related to a workplace injury or illness.

In legal terms, filing a workers’ compensation claim is your “exclusive remedy” for a work-related accident, cumulative trauma injury, or occupational disease; and for that, you must have proper imaging evidence showing the extent of your injury caused at your workplace.  Fast, reliable, and efficient medical diagnostic services are a critical requirement for those seeking to pursue their worker compensation claims.

Rather than having the unpredictability of a lengthy lawsuit, workers’ compensation allows you to begin receiving monetary and medical benefits immediately, as long as you are eligible for those benefits. You need to seek reliable and prompt medical diagnostic services that help patients and clients pursuing their worker compensation claims, by providing high-quality medical imaging services.

Our centers have experienced medical staff to handle your case carefully and ensure that you get all necessary medical images, tests, and scans to help you pursue your case. You may also receive compensation for lost wages and permanent disability benefits if you are unable to work as a result of your injury or illness. For such cases, medical diagnostic imaging services can also be of value.

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