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Our Expertise

Choosing the right provider for
your personal injury cases

Personal injury cases usually hinge on high-end diagnostic imaging which is why attorneys prefer to refer their clients (patients) to an imaging service provider having experience in the field. Cases can be conducted and resolved more smoothly when attorneys and their clients choose providers who are best recognized for providing excellent, patient-centered care in a timely manner.  Advanced Diagnostic Group provides reliable and high-quality diagnostic imaging services that attorneys can rely on. 

Fast results

Diagnostic imaging procedures at hospitals are often faced with lengthy delays to be scheduled. Then, after the completion of the procedure, it might take several days to prepare and release the radiology report. Meanwhile, attorneys may risk missing important deadlines in the case. Advanced Diagnostic Group not only offers same-day scheduling but also fast turnaround times for the radiologist reports. Our reports can be available as fast as 24 to 48 hours after the exam and our specialized attorney web portal allows you to view all your images, case details, and payment information with full HIPAA compliance.

Patient Focused Services

Advanced Diagnostic Group has assisted hundreds of attorneys and their clients in their injury cases and accepts all kinds of payment, including liens, workers’ compensation, and deferred payment involving a letter of protection.


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