Our Commitment to Excellence… Our Commitment to You!

At Advanced Diagnostic Group, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced technology, superior customer service and the highest quality images available. Because we care, we employ only the most qualified staff, offer convenient same day appointments and extended evening and weekend hours in order to accommodate your schedule.

You can also depend on our team to return the results of your procedure to your doctor quickly – often within 24 hours of your appointment and within hours if a rush is requested.

If transportation is a problem for you, let us know and we’ll make arrangements to pick you up.

If you are our patient , we understand that your life is busy so we make every effort to get you in and out and on your way as fast as we can. We understand that you want to be treated in a caring, concerned and professional manner. We’re committed to exceeding these expectations.

If you are a referring physician , we understand that your patient’s health and well-being is your primary concern and that you expect us to take care of them. You also expect us to provide you with superior images so that you can accurately diagnose and treat your patient. We’re committed to exceeding these expectations.

If you ever experience anything other than exceptional care and service at any of our centers, please let us know by calling Toll Free: (888) 234-5575 or email us at: info@advanceddiagnosticgroup.com. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.