There are many reasons why your physician may order an MRI. Indications may include: Back pain, recent spine or joint injury, headaches, or dizziness.
We accept most health insurances, as well as PIP, worker’s compensation and LOP’s (letters of protection).
Because we use a magnet in the MRI, metal objects cannot enter the exam room. Below are some suggestions to help your prepare for your exam.

  • Clothing: Wear something light weight and comfortable that is easy to take on and off. Avoid wearing clothing that has a lot of metal snaps, zippers or hooks.
  • Jewelry: All metal jewelry and watches must be removed.
  • Hair products: Many hair products, such as “Topik” to cover hair loss, or attachable hair weaves contain magnetic particles, and they must be removed.
  • Hair accessories: Any hair clips, ties, or pins that are made of metal or have metal parts on them must be removed.
  • Make-up: Because some make up, particularly mascara, is made with a metallic base, it is best not to wear much make up the day of your appointment.
  • Dental devices: If you wear dentures, or partial dental plates, they must be removed.
  • Medication and diet: You may continue to take any routine medications prescribed by your physician and there are no dietary restrictions unless you are scheduled to receive medication


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